Top 10 Incredible Homes Of Sports Stars

Just look at the most famous athletes of our time and you’ll also be looking at some of the richest people on Earth. And what comes with a lot of money? Massive, cool-looking houses!

Today we’ll be looking at “The Incredible Homes of The Top 15 Richest Athletes”.Not only I’ll show you who the 15 richest athletes are, but I’ll also show you the incredible places where they live.

Can you guess who’s at the top of the list? If you’re serious about sports, you might have an idea. But I have a feeling you might be learning about some athletes you’ve never heard about before. Some of these athletes already retired – but hey, once you become an athlete, you’re always an athlete!

10.Bud Selig

Our list starts with Bud Selig, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Being in this position paid off really well and today his net worth is 400 million dollars! One of the most remarkable things about Bud is that he is the one who started the Milwaukee Brewers back in the 70s. For that reason, it is not surprising to see that he owns a stadium-sized home in Milkwaukee.

The house started small, back in 1985 and turned into a massive mansion through time, which is very representative of Bud Selig’s career.

Today, this house is bigger than the playing field at Miller Park. It has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and two half bathrooms, but there are also some impressive attractions such as a gallery and a study room that’s known to be as clean and sterile as a dentist’s office. The property has a big garden and even space for sculptures.


9.Roger Federer

Next on this list, we have Roger Federer, a professional tennis player ranked 3rd in men’s singles tennis. While the Swiss player is approaching the end of his career, he has a net worth of 450 million dollars. And I’m not surprised – This guy ranked #1 for six years in a row and was able to win 19 grand slams during his career.

With all that money, he was able to build a beautiful double villa in Valbella. One half is for his parents and the other half is for him to enjoy with his wife and twins. Property development seems to be Federer’s passion besides Tennis, of course.

He also owns property in Dubai and South Africa besides this amazing house in Valbella. And he’s already planning on making a new home on the shores of Lake Zurich. It seems like he’ll be busy with property once he says goodbye to his tennis days.


8.David Beckham

The famous football player (soccer, for those in the US!) is one of the richest athletes today!, His career allowed him to play with the Manchester United, the LA Galaxy, Real Madrid, and other prestigious teams. With a net worth of 450 millions he had more than enough to build his 40 million dollar home in Holland Park, London.

A look at Victoria Beckham’s instagram can show you how impressive the place is, just by standing at its entrance. The place is very stylish, with an amazing living room and a fireplace, where the Beckham family spends a lot of time together.

They have a fully equipped kitchen with more than enough saucepans and pots to cook some good family meals and a kitchen island with bar stool around for nice after-meal conversations. Their garden has a tipi where the Beckham children play and relax. It’s like every space in the house was designed for them all to spend quality time together as a family.

7.Christiano Ronaldo

If you love football, you know about Christiano Ronaldo. This professional footballer plays for the Portuguese National Team and the Juventus

Although he became famous while playing for Real Madrid. With his impressive trajectory, he’s been able to amass a net worth of 460 million dollars. Like many famous athletes, Ronaldo has a lot of homes around the world. But his most recent purchase is this modern holiday villa just a few steps from the Mediterranean Sea.

6.Eddie Jordan

Practicing a sport can make you rich imagine what happens when you’re also a businessman a musician and a TV personality and that is the case of Eddie Jordan an Irish racecar driver who won championships in the 70s and even found his own race in the 90s with a net worth of four hundred and seventy-five million dollars.

Jordan was able to build a comfortable home in Ireland which is his main base in the space where he keeps his helicopter, but he also has other properties around the world including Wentworth South Kensington in a place in Monaco which is where he keeps his yacht.

he also owns an apartment in London which he raffled outback in 2018 the three-bedroom apartment had a modern and urban look with brick walls and modern minimalist art displayed throughout the place it seems like it, he’s got some serious style.


5.lebron James

this legend has a networth of four hundred and eighty million dollars with all that money he was able to afford this twenty three million dollar mansion in Los Angeles.

the house has eight bedrooms and his master suite is so big that it even has its own private patio in addition to a walk-in closet the floors of this house are covered with hard oak which mimics the looks of a basketball court one of the most outstanding features is his onyx bar where LeBron can host his teammates after a long day on the basketball court, other features are a billiard table and LeBron zone modern office.

4.Floyd Mayweather

This professional boxer has a net worth of 565 million dollars which not only comes from his fights but also from his company Merri weather promotions like many of the stars on this list.

Floyd Mayweather also has a home in LA but is given a very flashy lifestyle so it shouldn’t surprise you that his home has its own cinema for 12 guests and it also has his own candy shop and a Foley said wine cellar with well 225 bottles, you can immediately spot the wine cellar, on the right-hand side after walking inside his main living room pass that’s why you’ll come into his kitchen where one of his private chefs can cook any meal

the Box requests at any time of the day if watching a movie doesn’t appeal to you you can chill in one of his three living rooms, the place also has a pool perfect for a party in ten bathrooms big enough to be turned into bedrooms

I can honestly see why some people say this athlete has a rather extravagant life.

3.Michael Schumacher

Next on the list, I have a Formula One race car driver from Germany, he is Michael Schumacher and his net worth is six hundred million dollars which makes him the fifth richest athlete in the world.

back in 2014, he had a terrible skiing accident but he’s been able to recover by spending time at his beautiful home by Lake Genevait’s a four-story complex called villa reserve from which he gets this magnificent view of the Alps.

The Formula One star is very private about his life so it’s hard to know what the inside of his house looks like however a few years ago his son said when you put him in his wheelchair facing the beautiful panorama of the mountains overlooking the lake.

Michael sometimes cries I just hope the beautiful Swiss landscape helps him in his recovery.


2.Tiger Woods

I’m sure a lot of you were waiting for this thing to pop up Tiger Woods the Gulf Star is indeed one of the richest athletes ever with a net worth of seven hundred and forty million dollars.

This famous golfer has a house in Jupiter Island Florida, it’s the place where a lot of rich people do in fact live.

one of the more unique features of this home with its own practice facility which I guess makes sense since its Tiger Woods we’re talking about of course this guy needs a place to practice and improve his golf skills, other features include a tennis court a fitness center an oxygen therapy room in a variety of pools include the one that is as long as the house itself.

1.Michael Jordan

The retired basketball player with a net worth of 1.9 billion dollars that’s right the top three athletes are above the billion benchmarks.

the former NBA star as management in Chicago day has been trying to sell for the last eight years.

You know it’s his home as soon as you approach the main entrance with the emblematic 23 on the gates from there you have to drive for a few minutes through a path surrounded by trees making sure the house remains private, some of the outdoor amenities include a fish pond a tennis court and an infinity pool with an island in the middle which is part of a large patio, when you walk inside you can find a piano room a sitting area called the great room and of course an indoor basketball court

I don’t know why Mike would want to sell this place this whole place screams Michael Jordan.

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